The design process can seem complicating when you want to improve an existing
design or create a brand new one. But Maria Filardo has a specific architectural
design process she follows that guarantees success. She works with each individual client through every step, until the ultimate masterpiece is created for each client.

So, what can you expect from working with Maria Filardo?

In short, Maria takes the guesswork and the legwork out of the building, contracting and design process and brings everything together, offering the best guidance and expertise through the entire project. Maria turns what could be a stressful, confusing process and streamlines it nicely for you from start to finish, with the ultimate result being that you get exactly what you paid for, and standards of quality exceed your expectations.


INITIAL CONSULTATION: First, it begins with a conversation. Like any good relationship, communication is key and the progress starts with a dialogue. By opening up the dialogue, Maria will get to know what you want from your project. A ‘wish list’ will be developed in this initial consultation and Maria will use this as a guide throughout the duration of the project. She also discusses any project variable that may affect the outcome of the project at this time so you know exactly what will be done.


SKETCH PLANS: Sketch plans are words brought to life, morphed into a
form. Generally two options are presented, discussing advantages of each and using this to develop the final sketch plan. Maria works alongside you to develop the final sketch plans so that the final layout can be decided.


BA/DA (Design and Building approval): In this phase, documents are prepared to be submitted to ACTPLA or local council. This is required to make sure everything is done according to regulations to ensure a smooth transaction. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by this process, but Maria takes care to make sure everything is done according to standards and will help you to feel at ease during this process.


TENDERING: Based upon the plans that she has drawn up with you, Maria will obtain quotes from builders on your behalf. Once fee proposals have been acquired, she consults with you again and guides you through the process, assisting you on selecting the best candidate for you project.


CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION: Building on from tender documents, Maria provides construction documentation and shops for the specific items necessary to complete the design on your behalf. This includes all items that are required and agreed upon for the plan. As both architecture and interior can be combined, a thorough set of drawings are available which can reduce variations during construction.


CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Contracts are drawn up in the final phase to serve as a legal contract between you and the builder. Maria acts as your representative on the site. She ensures that the building is completed as agreed upon by you and the builder and that everything is up to standard.




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